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Revista finlandeza Gamereactor magazine,a reusit sa ii ia un interviu lui Cevat Yerli,de la echipa de productie Crytek.Interviul a reusit sa scoata la lumina o gramada de noi INFORMATII DESPRE CRYSIS 2.

- You play as Jake 'Nomad' Dunn.
- Compared to Crysis there will be more freedom, larger gameplay areas and more tactical warfare.
- Nanosuit 2 will give players more freedom in how to tackle situations in the battlefield.
- The different aspects of nanosuit 2 are designed to further encourage experimental and fit-for-your-own-style usage of nanosuit's features.
- Cevat thinks that the weakest parts of Crysis were 1) the story, which lacked originality and details 2) the on-rails gameplay style in the end and 3) that there were no console versions.
- Compared to the majority of console games, the console gamers will see Crysis 2's freedom and openness as a new and interesting gameplay style.
- The player has again the freedom of choosing what weapons to use and how to use them, or how to take advantage of the environment.
- Crysis 2 will again feature the familiar "Veni Vidi Vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered) gameplay style.
- In Crysis 2 Crytek will, of course, try to surpass the previous Crysis games in graphical splendour and technical features.
- Setting the events of Crysis 2 to New York City was a result of a long thought process; Crytek did not choose New York City because of "console limitations".
- With three previous games set in the jungle Crytek decidedly wanted to avoid making a fourth "jungle game".
- New York as the setting was chosen in the early stages of development; Crytek wanted to see Nomad in a metropol and make the area as a huge sandbox for the player.
- Compared to jungle, urban environment offers more opportunities for gameplay based on vertical differences and the player will have more freedom to choose how to progress and plan out attacks.
- Player will be able to, for example, jump between floors and buildings, and roll down along a crater wall.
- Cevat did not want to share details on Crysis 2 multiplayer... yet.
- The transition from one nanosuit ability to another will be "softened" in Crysis 2: for a short while before speed changes to power, the player will have both abilities in his possession.
- In the battle against the aliens, New York City will offer plenty of architecture that the player can destroy, protect, climb on and take advantage of.
- Fighting against the alien invasion will be "catastrophically beautiful".
- Crytek have tried to actively avoid of using dark dystopian colors and tones that have been plaguing many games these days.
- Details on the story will not be revealed until summer.

Jocul este programat sa se lanseze anul acesta.

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Anonim spunea...

crysis 2 este mortal,va fi sigur jocul anului

Anonim spunea...


korneliu.angelo spunea...

jocul anului sigur ca va fi dar ma intreb daca pe console nivelul grafic se va ridica la acelasi ca pe pc?

Anonim spunea...

E UN JOC CAM NASPA ADICA CAHIA ASA NU TI SA DESPRINS PARASUTA.........PE CINE Pacalesc e tare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonim spunea...

lume io is fan crysis si cei de la crysis m-au pus sa investesc 5000 euro in un pc doar sa ma distrez nitel 3 monitoare de 24 4 placi gtx 480 sli 2 ssd 128 8 gb ddr 3 2 tb raptor "total" intel i7 oc 4.2 5 fan 120 mm racire pe apa pe fiecare nucleu si pe toate placile

Ble spunea...

Ca sa inteleg nu va iesi pe pc doar pe consola, atunci e foarte foarte naspa.

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jocul va fi super super misto si va fi pt PC, PS3 & XBOX360

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Eu am si e tare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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il am si eu dar imi trebuie un cod pt activare
cine are codul mi-l trimite si mie ?

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