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Project Natal mai bun ca si concurenta

Analistul industriei de gameing,Michael Pachter, a spus intr-un interviu ca Microsoft,va lua fata celor de la SONY,cu proiectul Natal.

I think Natal will do better for two reasons: first, it is likely to be lower cost because less hardware is involved; second, it is likely to be bundled with all new Xbox 360s, ensuring a broader penetration. Keep in mind that Microsoft has another price cut in its pocket, and that the company is not afraid to subsidize something if it deems it important. I could see a $50 price cut next year, accompanied by an upgrade to the HDD to 250Gb and the inclusion of Natal. Yes, I said a $249.99 Xbox 360 with a 250Gb hard drive and Natal included.
Patcher crede ca Microsoft va pune un pret de 50 $ pentru Natal,in timp ce SONY va cere un pret dublu pentru motion control-ul lor,cunoscut sub numele de Sphere.

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