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Team Fortress 2-harta speciala pentru Halloween

Cumparatorii jocului Team Fortress 2 au beneficiat ieri de o reducere considerabila,jocul putand fi cumparat doar cu 2.5 euro.

Pe langa aceasta promotie ei pot sa mai descarce o harta SPECIAL creata pentru Halloween...

Veti intalni multe fantome,multi bostani care explodeaza si cartiere "ciudate",special aranjate pentru "colindatori".

Our legal department tells us we can’t mention this next horrifying feature, because someone read it and got so scared we got in trouble! The entire TF2 team has to go to sensitivity training now because we inadvertently created such a scary work environment. So rest easy, we promise to stop scaring you… right after we ignore our lawyers and tell you about the ghost haunting the Harvest map! [sound of a wolf] That’s right! The restless spirit of Zepheniah Mann will scare senseless any player unlucky enough to cross his spectral path, rendering them temporarily helpless with fear!

There are also pumpkins! That might not sound very scary initially, but get this: they explode! Most terrifying of all, the mangled corpses of the recently deceased will plague the living… with candy! MWAHAHAHAHA! In retrospect we should have put this stuff in the middle and ended with the ghost.
Ciudati oameni :))

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