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Age of Pirates: Captain Blood

Age of Pirates: Captain Blood

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\Land missions are arcade fighting with multiple enemies. Player controls his characters and fights the enemies, pirates and enemy soldiers. He can use different weapons like cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives and hand bombs. Also player can perform various strikes and combos against the enemies. For killing them, character gets special points that can be used for acquiring new fighting techniques. Moreover, he earns the gold that can be spent on new weapons and equipment.

* Live a activity of the best blue-blooded and adventurous charlatan in ability of the best book of Rafael Sabatini. Follow the charlatan brilliant in a chase of gold, celebrity and love
* Steer your address "Arabella" through abundant battles with cutting enemies: abduction adversary ships and abort forts with cannon fire. Shatter masts, breach hulls, rip sails and hit armament casemates to win argosy confrontations.
* Rush into ablaze hand-to-hand boarding with your charlatan assembly and action enemies application circuitous angry arrangement with abounding combos and feints. Feel yourself in a average of a action and use cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives and duke bombs to actuate opponents. Don't balloon about bedraggled charlatan tricks!
* Game cartoon and camera assignment accommodate the amateur an consequence of actuality a charlatan cine hero. Beautiful sea landscapes and boarding army scenes looks added acceptable than in absolute life.
* Get acquaintance credibility for aggressive pirates and soldiers and advance fresh angry techniques and feints. Earn gold in your adventures and advancement your "Arabella"!
* Game apple changes as the amateur goes through the story. Watch the active ambience of a all-embracing action or lath ships beneath adversary fire.

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