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G-Force - Minimum System Requirements

If your system does not meet any one of the following minimum system requirements, Disney G-Force will not run properly.
Disney G-Force - Minimum System Requirements (Windows XP/Vista)
Disney G-Force cerinte de sistem
Disney G-Force cerinte minime
Disney G-Force system requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

* Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 / Vista SP1
* 2.0 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4, 2400+ AMD Athlon or equivalent processor (XP)
* 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4, 1.8 GHz Intel® Core™ 2, 3000+ AMD Athlon or equivalent processor (Vista)
* 512MB RAM (XP) / 1GB RAM (Vista)
* 3 GB Hard Disk Space
* 128MB DirectX 9.0c compatible, 3D video card supporting Hardware T&L (nVidia GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300 or better)
NOTE: Integrated (built-in) onboard chipsets (e.g. Intel, SiS, S3, ATI, nVidia) are not supported by this game
* 16-bit DirectX 9-compatible sound card
* 8X speed DVD-ROM drive
* DirectX 9.0c (included)

Recommended System Configuration:

Disney Interactive Studios Customer Support recommends the following system specifications for your computer to run Disney G-Force with the best possible performance.

* Pentium™ 4 class processor, 3 GHz or faster
* 2 GB RAM

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