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Khan wars cheats

Khan wars is an online stategy, that can be played from any computer with just a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. We entroduce you the Middle Ages of Europe, where you choose one of the 7 nations to develop and lead the way to victory. The game offers many different strategies to reach the goal of winning over the thousends of other players.

Seven nations, each with a unique special unit, 23 battle units with different factors, 15 buildings, 11 skills for your hero, internal world market, clan-organized playground as well as many other gameplay elements, will make sure to enjoy the many hours spent player Khan wars.

Build strong unions, divide and conqueror your enemies, make a couple of pilitical marriages with your strategic partners, organize internal hierarhy by using ranks it your clan, coordinate your actions with the actions of the rest of your allies and conduct cutthroat battles.

Try different strategies, dip into the virtual world of the game and find many new friends from all over the world. Show them who deserves to lead Europe!

Thanks to out experiance as players, as well as creators of this kind of games, we created the ballanced world of Khan wars. Our developers this the best they can so the game can live on your screen.

The proffesional design of the game will make sure to take you in unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Out painters did so, that every character in the game has its pretty and original look.

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