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EVE Online jocul

EVE Online

EVE Online este un MMOG game produs si distribuit de CCP Games incepand cu data de 06-May-2003.

EVE Online este un precursor al noii generatii de MMORPG,stabilit intr-o lume de magnitudini galactice,guvernata de o societate economica ultra capitalista.In acest urias unvers,esti liber sa descoperii noi tinuturi si planete.

  • Truly Massive Universe where 50.000 players are living in a single universe with no sharding.
  • Player Run Economy with 33 regional market systems.
  • Unique Offline Skill Advancement with over 150 skills that allows for offline training.
  • Free-form Professions ensures no limitations on professions. Be a trader, fighter, industrialist, researcher, hunter, pirate or a mixture of them all.
  • Ships and Unlimited Customization with 100 different player ships and over 3.800 different modules.
  • Player Research and Manufacturing where ships and modules fully manufacturable and researchable by players.
  • Dynamic Tactical Combat with combat situations ranging from small skirmishes to 100 player fleet battles.

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