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Risk Factions

Risk: Factions

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Risk: Factions este un joc de strategie,produs de Stainless Games si distribuit de  Electronic Arts,pe platforma Xbox 360 incepand cu primavara acestui an (2010).

Risk: Factions va oferi jucatorilor,metode inovative de a experimenta jocul de tip turn-based,doua moduri de joc: modul de baza si modul de cucerire a lumii.Jucatorii vor putea alege din cele cinci factiuni disponibile,fiecare cu caracteristicile proprii,in timp ce se vor razboii intre ei,pe harti noi,cu un teren dinamic,in cautarea lor dupa silozurile de rachete,pentru a castiga puncte strategice.


Risk: Factions offers innovative ways of experiencing the timeless turn-based board game in both objective-based and world conquest modes. Players will be able to engage as one of five playable factions, each with different strengths, as they wage war on new maps with dynamic terrain in their quest for missile silos in order to strategically dominate the game. Additionally, as rivals go head-to-head during unique, animated combat missions, enemies will be able to trigger "Overkill" moments, based on the roll of the dice, and unlock avatar awards while attempting global supremacy. With a special animated art style, kooky humor and a choice of five oddball factions, Risk: Factions is designed to challenge and captivate both new and seasoned Risk fans on their quest for world domination.

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