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Crysis 2 va avea o continuare

Crysis 2 va avea o continuare

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Desi inca jocul Crysis 2 nu si-a facut inca aparitia pe calculatoarele si pe consolele noastre,David DeMartini, de la Electronic Arts a spus intr-un interviu ca vor exista mai multe continuari ale jocului Crysis,dupa ce Crysis 2 va fi lansat.

"Absolutely, yes. I'm confident we'll continue to have that series and that relationship. We continue to fulfil what we promised [Crytek] and, as I said, they are fantastic partners and incredibly loyal."

"With regards to our ongoing relationships with Crytek and future Crysis games - absolutely. We're always very interested in anything that they're doing. But the nature of our relationship with them is - to some degree - unwritten loyalty to each other."

Cand te loveste o criza economica,ce faci? Faci mai multe sequel-uri pentru Crysis...  [:))]

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