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Grand Theft Auto 4 v1.0.2.0 Patch download


* Graphics Menu:
o Added "Water Quality", "Shadow Quality" and "Reflection Resolution" sliders in graphics menu.
o Added "Definition" and "VSync" toggles in graphics menu.
* Rendering optimizations.
* VSync optimizations.
* Nvidia 7000 series
o Mirrors fixed


* Direct input device support is now disabled by default and can only be enabled with the commandline: "-usedirectinput"
* Supported Controllers:
o Logitech Dual Action
o Logitech RumblePad 2
o Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2
o Saitek P2500
* Supported Wheels:
* Note: Controls are unmapped, user must map controls using Manufacturer's mapping software.
o Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
o Logitech Wingman Formula GP Wheel
o Logitech MOMO Racing
o MOMO Force
o Driving Force Pro
o Driving Force
o Formula Force
* Added Commandline "-notimefix" which will help some users who are experiencing the fast/slow gameplay issue after patch 1 was applied.
* Fixed a bug that caused some users to experience endless looping audio effects after Patch 1 was applied.
* Benchmark was disabling sounds after Patch 1 was applied, this is now fixed.


* Unable to load game fixed - For some users, a DOS window would open and close immediately upon Game Launch, GTA IV would never launch.
* Hang on Initial Game Loading Screen fixed - Some users experienced Character Art Loading screens in an endless loop.
* Certain causes of the RESC10 error have been fixed (Alt-Tab, change resolution). If you experience an RESC10 error, you must restart.
* Certain Instances of the "GRAND THEFT AUTO IV has encountered a problem and needs to close" error have been fixed.


* Naming clips is now mandatory on Export


* Legitimate players being kicked from Multiplayer matches has been fixed.


* Wireless 360 controllers not functioning - Triggers were full on/off, fixed.
* In the Options menu accessed from the Title Screen a “Game” section has been added with the ability to turn Clip capture on/off.



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LinkinPunK spunea...

Un patch ce nu trebuie ratat, Cel putin mie mia facut mari "minuni" - ei bine nu foarte mari dar, merge cu aproximativ 8-10 fps mai mult.
Si de asemenea daca mai vreti si alte imbunatatiri, faceti un update la placa video.
Eu am Nvidia, iar pe site-ul oficial scrie ca ultimul patch pentru driver imbunatateste rularea jocului cu aproximativ 5-10% la rezolutiile mari. Iar la mine a functionat.
Iar ca sa-i fac pe toti multumiti, si ATI are drivere care fac acelasi imbunatatiri, fara a fi mentionate.

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