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The Godfather 2 Trainer Released

Another post for those who love game trainers. Usually we hear about trainers being released after the game but with Godfather 2, this is not the case. TGF 2 is yet to be officially released in NA (North America) and EU (Europe) but there are already several trainers for this game floating around the net. Note that a pirated version of the TGF2 has already been released by group RELOADED a day ago. It is currently unconfirmed if the available trainers work with the pirated release or not (they are targeted at the original version).
I have seen two different trainers available for TGF2 so far, both released by Cheathappens. One of these is a free promotional trainer with only one unlockable option – unlimited ammo. The other one comes with 6 options but is only available for unlimited members of CheatHappens (which is a paid service). Anyways if you are interested in downloading the promo trainer, note that we do not host nor directly link to these files. You may (or may not) find more information about the trainers on TGF2 page on GameCopyWorld as well as on Cheathappens.

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