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Cheats Need for Speed ProStreet

Cheats Need for Speed ProStreetStart or resume a career. From the career menu, select CODE ENTRY. Then select SECRET CODE and type any of the following cheat codes and press ENTER. Some codes may only be used once per career:

1Mi9K7E1                                 Cash $10,000
CASHMONEY                           Cash $10,000
CASHMONEY EXTRA               Cash $10,000
REGGAME                               Cash $10,000
L1iS97A1                                  Cash $8,000
1MA9X99                                  Cash $2,000
W2iOLLO1                                Cash $4,000
ENERGIZERLITHIUM                 Unlock Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT-10
HORSEPOWER                        Unlock Chevelle SS
ITSABOUTYOU                         Unlock Audi TT 3.2 Quattro
LEIPZIG                                    Unlock Progressive Bonus Vinyl
MASTERCODE                         Unlock all bonuses
MITSUBISHIGOFAR                  Unlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
SAFETYNET                             Receive five Repair Tokens
UNLOCKALLTHINGS                 Unlock All bonuses
ZEROZEROZERO                      Unlock Coke Zero Golf GTI
COLLECTORSED&                    Free Collector's Edition Upgrade
CASTROLSYNTEC                    Unlock Castrol Syntec Decal

Elite Kings Vehicles
06 Mustang GT (Karol Monroe)

Beat Drag King in Career Mode
08 Evo X (Ryo Watanabe)
Beat Showdown King in
Career Mode
08 M3 E92 (Ray Krieger)
Beat Grip King in
Career Mode
65 GTO (Nate Denver)
Beat Speed King in
Career Mode
95 RX-7 (Aki Kimura)
Beat Drift King in
Career Mode

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